North Allandale Buyer

Where to begin – I actively look for opportunities to recommend Lauren because I truly cannot speak more highly of her. We started our home search in late 2021 and had no idea how emotionally taxing it would feel to navigate an unbelievably competitive and limited market. Lauren was the ultimate teacher, encourager, supporter, and friend through it all. We trusted her implicitly and knew we were in wonderful, intentional hands every step of the way. She made herself available – sharing in our excitement and encouraging us through our disappointment – daily. She thought outside the box to bring us opportunities in the right moments and led us to our wonderful home. We went into the search with little knowledge about what to expect or what we wanted/needed; but because of Lauren’s guidance and care, we landed in a spot that feels like it was custom made for our family. Grateful is an understatement. Lauren will always be a part of our home story now, and that is a gift.